Product Roadmap

Here’s what we’ve accomplished so far…
  • Thumbnail components
  • Implement drag-and-drop layout construction
  • Scan a style-guide for components
  • Implement new UI patterns
  • Ability to start a new blank page
  • Ability to use page-templates
  • Ability to move and re-order components on the page
  • Global error-handling
  • Implement unit-testing system
  • Implement micro-interaction tracking for usability analysis
  • Implement continuous integration system
And here’s what’s in progress in order to launch our beta…
  • Improve thumbnail latency
  • Ability to save a mockup locally
  • Ability to load saved pages
  • Ability to group components into subcategories
  • Ability to edit text fields in your component instances
  • Ability to export your page to clean HTML
In the backlog…
  • Ability to create links between your pages
  • Ability to place images into your pages
  • Ability to use MixFrame with Firefox and Edge
  • Ability to undo your last action
  • Ability to integrate with popovers and tooltips (ie from Bootstrap)

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